Q: How can I get an quotation?

A: Please send the following information to us, including PCB Gerber files, BOM, Quantity and PCB specification, Coordinate file, Testing plan, then the quotation will have detailed cost, such as PCB cost, stencil cost, components cost, assembly cost, etc. We will response you within 24H.


Q: About the Security?

A: Seanec promise not to disclose any design/manufacture files and information about your project, and it is safe in our company. The NDA file can be signed to ensure the safety of your project.


Q: For the components sourcing solution, will the all components be sourced from your local market? What will you do if the parts used in the project are fake?

A: The all parts will be sourced from Mouser/Digikey/Element14/Arrow/the local electronic Market. You can specified which parts should be sourced from which source channel. And we take 100% responsibility for component’s quality problem.


Q: How can I know the processing about my PCBA order?

A: We have one-to-one project manager for whole production, and you can contact us at any time by mail, or other instant communication ways.


Q: Whether all PCBAs will be tested before shipment?

A: Yes, we will make 100% test for each board, so we recommend you provide a testing plan, as the functional testing as the last checkpoint for the quality control, it can detect the most of defects and ensure the quality of PCBA before shipment.


Q: What kind of files for production do you prefer?

A: For PCB fabrication, Gerber “RS-274-X” is the sole format, and you can output gerber from other formats, such as “BRD”, “PCBdoc”, “LAY6”.


Q: What should be noted if the customers supply the parts for production?

A: Please inform your specific project manager before shipping to us, then we will send you our address and the shipping tips which can help you avoid possible customs problems.


Q: What can I do if find defects or problems after receiving assembly boards?

A: Please contact your project manager directly or send mail to, we will give you a report and solution after making an internal investigation and analysis for the defective boards. Seanec value customers’ satisfaction very much, if the mistake or fault is caused by our side, we will take 100% responsibility for it.


Q: Expect the PCBA service, does Seanec offer other services for my projects?

A: Yes, we offer other valued service, such as PCB design & layout, CNC machining service, customized packing service, and components sourcing.

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