electronic manfacturing
Electronics Manufacture(PCBA)

Electronics Manufacture(PCBA)

PCB Type for Assembly:
FR4 Rigid Board
Metal Core PCB
Rigid-Flex Board

Flexible components Sourcing:
Customers offer all parts
All parts sourced by Seanec
Partial parts offered by customers
and Seanec sources the rest.

Project Processing Ability:
General lead time: 3-4 weeks
(Exact lead time is given by the project manager)
Response within 24H after receiving RFQ
One-to-One project manager for whole production
No MOQ limited
Transparent cost in detailed quote
Components Purchasing Channel:
Worldwide component distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, Arrow, Future, TME, Element 14 etc.
Local Electronics Market
Alternative material can supplied if you approved, which can save cost.
Assembly Options:
SMT(for BGA, 0201, QFN, SOC etc.)
Through hole assembly
Sub assembly
The dimension of PCB for assembly:50*50mm-900*600mm
The thickness of PCB for assembly:0.3-6.5mm
Soldering Type:
Lead free/Rohs compliant only
Reflow soldering
Wave soldering
Hand soldering
Dip soldering
PCBA Testing Procedures:
Visual inspection: regular quality Check
FAI: full quality check for pre-production sample
X-ray inspection
AOI testing
In-Circuit testing
Function testing
Value-added Services:
Drop shipping service
Designing service
Selling on Seanec on-line Web
Mechanical service
Sub-assembly/kitting service
Parts sourcing service



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