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aShenzhen FUBON Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Fubon Precision Electronics was established in 2008. Due to the increase in production costs and the update of production equipment, the company's board of directors was reorganized in 2016. Set up Fubon PCB service platform. It has 5G high frequency board, HDI business unit, FPC business unit, soft-rigid combination, through-hole PCB and other business units. The main products are: Bluetooth headset board, power amplifier PCB board, power coil board, module half-hole PCB board, HDI board manufacturer, PCB through-hole board, flat transformer coil board, Beidou navigation module board, etc. With its strong manufacturing scale, business team and engineer team, the platform serves more than 2,000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Join hands with many well-known circuit board companies such as Dongguan Ruomei, Bomin Circuit, Benqiang Circuit, Qiangda Circuit, Purin Circuit, Kabor Circuit and so on.


The business philosophy of Fubon people is to serve customers with high-end quality, low price and patient attitude. Strive to make customers and friends feel satisfied and satisfied in every order cooperation!

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SIsi Fu

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Richard Yang

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