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Shenzhen FUBON Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen FUBON Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Seanec Electronics is a company committed to creating the best partner in the global electronics industry, setting research and development, design, production, and sales.


Seanec integrates the supply chain of electronics manufacturing, one-stop OEM/ODM service, no MOQ limited. Seanec takes "from prototyping to mass" as a slogan, which makes electronics fabrication easier, from PCB design, manufacturing, and PCB assembly, even sub-assembly & kitting service, customized packing, etc. Seanec aims to show the high quality of 'Made In China‘, and offer convenient services to its customers all over the world.


Our quality is based on 14-years of experience in electronic manufacturing, a strong R&D team for tech support, and a professional project manager team for the whole production. For PCB Manufacturing, refer to regular FR4 PCB, and Flex PCB, HDI PCB, Multi-lay PCB etc,


Superior geographic advantage, nearby Huaqiang North Commercial Area, can provide you variety of components at competitive prices.

Superior geographic advantage, nearby Huaqiang North Commercial Area, can provide you variety of components at competitive prices.




As the mother of electronic products, PCB is mainly used in automotive functional systems such as electric control, assisted driving, and in-vehicle communication. For new energy vehicles, it also includes assisted driving and even ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), which is more electronic.


人工智能Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that attempts to understand the essence of intelligence and produce a new kind of intelligent machine that can respond in a similar way to human intelligence. Research in this field includes robotics, language recognition, image recognition, Natural language processing and expert systems, etc.



Massive MIMO (massive antenna) technology, one of the 5G scenarios, brings structural changes to base stations. Traditional 4G network (TDD) antennas are common 2/4/8 antennas, while the number of Massive MIMO channels reaches 64/128/256 - which structurally requires 5G base stations to change 4G base stations.


军工Military industry

Manufacturers of military and civilian firearms often use PCBs in their test equipment. Manufacturers often use such equipment to ensure the safety and functionality of explosives, firearms and ammunition before placing these products on the market. Some of the equipment used includes penetration shock recorders and shock test equipment electrical.



The heart of a medical device is the PCB. PCBs in the medical industry are highly specialized to accommodate the unique constraints of medical devices. In many medical applications, small packages are required to meet the size requirements for implants or emergency room monitors. Therefore, medical PCBs tend to be specialty high-density interconnect PCBs, also known as HDI PCBs.



Power system is one of the most important achievements in the history of human engineering science. Since then, technology has changed people's lives. It is a power production and consumption system composed of power generation, power transmission, power transformation, distribution and power consumption.



With the continuous advancement of technology, the security industry field continues to expand. Professional services such as alarm operation, intermediary, and information have begun; the product categories have been continuously enriched, and have developed into more than a dozen categories and thousands of varieties such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarm, and explosion-proof security inspection.


工控Industrial control

Industrial control refers to industrial automation control, which mainly refers to the use of computer technology, microelectronics technology, and electrical means to make the production and manufacturing processes of factories more automated, efficient, precise, and controllable and visible.




Quality advantage

Professional technology, Quality assurance

To meet the various requirements of customers, we provide one-stop services such as PCB production, PCBA, mechanical housing, etc., from R&D proofing to trial production and final mass production, saving you time, worry and money, without MOQ requirements.

Every step of the test has strict standards, the products have passed CE, UL certification, ISO quality system production


Price advantage

Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation

Four different production bases, flexible matching of orders, the system automatically reviews orders and allocates each production base, centralized production of the same type of products, optimizes the traditional production mode, thereby greatly reducing costs, and becoming the most cost-effective and reliable partner for our customers!

In terms of chip ingredients, we have more flexible resources and an experienced R&D team to choose the best solution to help customers successfully complete their projects.


Delivery advantage

Quick response, mission must be achieved

24H online quick response, complete from EQ review to quotation within half an hour, provide fast and expedited proofing of multi-layer boards and HDI blind buried boards!


Service advantage

Sincerely at your service

Provide one-to-one five-star service, from order to assembly, we will provide you with intimate service throughout the process to ensure that you have no worries after sales!


Business advantage

Sincerely at your service

A trusted partner, allowing customers to place orders with confidence,
Strive to make customers and friends feel satisfied and satisfied in the cooperation.


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